"Children have an enormous capacity to adapt to insanity."

– Nathan McCall, Makes Me Wanna Holler

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The Word Is Love examines what happens to children as the result of parental arrest and incarceration. Teaching workshops in creative expression to our subjects allowed me to build a bond of trust necessary to record their stories. We played theatre games, made up stories and re-enacted them, drew pictures – self-portraits, portraits of family – and wrote letters – letters to parents –letters to God.  The theme of all of this work was consistent – they can’t understand why they are without a parent and want this parent to come home and be part of their lives.  And often – too often – they blame themselves for what has happened to a parent. They deeply believe that with enough love, they can make everything right. We have followed some of these children for more than a decade. We will tell their stories in a four part series:

  • The Moment of Arrest

  • The Visit

  • Transitions/Time

  • Dreams/Reality